Lavender ribbons Inc., is an all-volunteer run 501-3-c organization created because cancer hurts…mind body & soul. Our mission is to raise money for cancer support services in Central Ohio.


I am a 2 time cancer survivor. Through all the hardship a cancer journey entails I also felt very blessed by an outpouring of love and support from family and friends. Out of this support and love, Lavender Ribbons, Inc. was born. It was my way of paying it forward, just a little, and making someone else’s cancer journey a little better.


Why Lavender? Lavender is the ribbon color representing all cancers.


In December of 2000 my husband sat in the lobby of the hospital for 7 hours during my surgery so after I recovered I decided to create another option for family, friends and caregivers. Our first project provided funding for the initiation of a reflection garden on the grounds of Mount Carmel St Ann’s Hospital. It is a place for quiet reflection and relaxation. This project was completed in 2005.


Our current project began in 2006 and provides all the funds for the Cancer Coping Kit Program @ Nationwide Children’s Hospital. It is a diversion therapy program for newly diagnosed pediatric cancer patients. Each kit is customized for a specific age range and the cost is approximately $35/each. There are over 200 new patients that benefit from this program each year.


We are always looking for new ideas for projects and fundraising suggestions. If you know of a project that needs funding contact us with the idea and the projected budget. Our volunteer board will make a decision based on available funds.


Volunteer positions are open for enthusiastic people willing to put in a few hours to help someone in need.


Please send all communication to:

Lavender Ribbons, Inc. c/o Helen Krouse

5512 Aqua Street

Columbus, OH 43229-3918



Contact Information

Phone:  614-895-5648



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